Remote monitoring and management

Our colleagues monitor your systems on a daily basis through management software.

The primary advantage of our preferred remote monitoring product is that its thoughtful features, powerful integrations and simplified workflows come together as an easy-to-use platform to help you manage your processes and improve efficiency.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Cloud-based Remote Monitoring Backup.


Manage complex networks from a single high-performance platform.


Backup and restore servers, workstations and documents.

N-Able Take Control

Powerful, fast and secure support for client devices with remote access.

Systems Management components

System management server

The PCSM server consists of a MySQL database containing jobs, components, profiles, device and user information, and an Apache Tomcat web service for communicating with PCSM agents and the PCSM Server Manager using standard web service protocols.

System Management Agent

A PCSM agent is installed on the devices to be managed. The agent then establishes a secure connection to the server, sends regular logging information and runs the schedules scheduled for it. The agent can be configured and updated remotely by scheduling the appropriate tasks and components using PCSM Server Manager.

System Administration Console

The System Administration Console (PCSM Administration Console) is a web-based console and is used to control all activities of the PCSM framework.