The ITSecure team has been providing IT services to small, medium and large enterprises for nearly 20 years.

IT Operation

Server operation

We’ll take over the management of your servers, whether they’re hosted in a home data park, in the cloud or on your premises.

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Administrator service

Cost-effective IT system maintenance for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Az IT üzemeltetést illusztráló ábra.

Cloud Services

Group work support

Protect your company and your employees from external attacks.

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Cloud server rental

Felhő alapú szerverbérlet szolgáltatásunk teljes mértékben cége igényeihez szabható.

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Microsoft 365 packages

Designed for productivity and convenience, both at home and in the office.

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IT Infrastructure Development

Hardware and software sales

Customised tools, assembled according to your needs.

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IT network development

Full network deployment and operation.

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Network Security

Endpoint protection

Endpoint devices remain a prime target for cyber attacks. A successfully hacked laptop is a stronghold point that can be used to successfully infect other endpoints in the network. The only way to prevent these types of attacks is to equip corporate IT with endpoint protection.

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Data backup

Backing up data in the event of loss and setting up secure systems that also allow data recovery. Data backup is based on copying and archiving computer data to ensure that it remains accessible in the event of corruption or deletion. Therefore, the necessary and important data can only be recovered from historical data if it is backed up.

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