Our cloud services to support teamwork

Our cloud services make everyday life easier for your business.

Hosted E-mail packages

The service is accessible from Outlook, from Internet browser, from any mail application using IMAP, or from a smartphone or tablet with appropriate authorisation. You can synchronise your Outlook contacts, mail and calendar entries to your mobile device, so you can read your mail from anywhere outside the office or even abroad.

Calendar function

You can share your calendar with anyone, making it easier to organise and keep track of meetings and appointments.

Expand your mailbox

If your account gets full, you can always switch to a bigger one without deleting your mail.

Automated mail filtering

This feature lets you create your own rules for filtering and organising your mail.

Skype for Business is a unified communications platform for business. Skype for Business allows colleagues to reach each other anywhere as part of their everyday work. When using Skype for Business, all real-time communication services, including voice and video calls, Skype meetings, attendance, chat messages, are available from a single client.

With our cloud-based solution, employees can access their data and files anytime, anywhere.

Our Hosted Home Drive service provides the Subscriber with a personal folder that only he or she can access, anywhere and anytime, from a Windows or Macintosh computer with Internet access, using the Drive program or even from a smartphone or tablet.

Our Hosted Company Drive service is a solution that supports access, secure storage and sharing of business files.

The service synchronizes documents between the Subscriber’s devices and our storage space over the Internet. Automatic synchronisation ensures that documents appear on the Subscriber’s devices with the same content. Documents can be accessed and edited without Internet connection. Document changes are automatically synchronised with the Hosted Drive storage provided by us when the Internet connection is established.
The service cannot be used independently.

Tűzfal - IT karbantartás

We provide Hosted Email, Skype for Business, Hosted Home Drive and Company Drive services on our own servers, hosted in a data park in Hungary.

The communication between the servers and the subscriber’s devices is done via a secure HTTPS connection.

The mailboxes are protected from spam and phishing messages by a Cisco spam filtering solution and the mail is checked by a two-layer virus protection, so you will be as safe as possible.
Mail is stored in 2 databases simultaneously with the same data content due to continuous synchronisation.