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Cisco Firewall product family

We have been a Cisco certified and compliance testing partner for 10 years.

Protection and performance
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The Cisco Secure Firewall family provides enhanced protection for your network against evolving and complex threats. With Cisco, you're investing in a security foundation that is both flexible and integrated - providing the strongest security protection available today and in the future.

Threats have become more sophisticated and networks more complex. Very few organisations have the resources to stay up to date and successfully counter these constantly emerging and evolving threats.

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Cisco Firepower NGFW

The Cisco Firepower Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) features an innovative hardware architecture and an innovative dual, multi-core CPU hardware architecture that allows concurrent firewall, cryptographic and UTM activities to run at peak performance. To increase security levels, companies do not have to sacrifice the performance of their websites and networks, and at the same time the user experience.

Main features

Application detection and filtering

The NGFW feature, which filters and categorises traffic by application rather than by port, can be used to prevent malicious applications and activities from bypassing the firewall using non-standard ports.

Easy management

The device can be easily managed from a central location using a cloud-based solution. For smaller networks, the Firepower Device Manager built into the device simplifies firewall deployment. Centralised management of security solutions is made possible by the Firepower Management Center.

Web security, URL filtering

Web traffic category and reputation-based URL database-based Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), sandboxing: prevents the intrusion of known as well as unknown malware.

Standard firewall features

These include standard first generation firewall functionalities such as stateful port/protocol inspection, NAT, VPN.

Directory integration

NGFW supports the use of directories (e.g. Active Directory) to manage authorised applications by user and user group, for example, and supports the creation of custom rules.

SSL and SSH inspection

NGFW can also inspect encrypted SSL or SSH traffic, the function encrypts packets to check if the application is allowed, complies with policies, then decrypts and forwards to the destination.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) intrusion protection

Detect attack patterns with an environment-specific set of rules and security levels.

Internet threats have evolved, SonicWALL solutions provide comprehensive protection against a variety of threats, integrating network security, web and email filtering into a single device. The network protection component provides in-depth protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and intrusion attempts, with the speed, security and performance required for enterprise environments.

It is a cost-effective solution, so there is no longer a compromise on network security due to limited resources. Application-based management gives administrators an easy-to-use tool, and the ability to expand licenses gives flexibility to companies with networks of all sizes – from dynamic small businesses to giant government organizations.

Since its foundation in 1991, SonicWALL has been dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers. Today, it is an industry leader in network security, secure remote access, web and email filtering, and data backup and recovery. We provide comprehensive technical support for our products, backed by recognized experts whose professional dedication ensures comprehensive network security and user satisfaction.

Organisations today need to provide high-speed access to their employees over fixed, wireless and mobile networks. SonicWall solutions – including SonicWall Wireless Cloud Manager, NSa Series Firewalls, SonicWave Wireless Access Points and Secure Mobile Access appliances – can seamlessly extend breach detection and prevention across wired, wireless and mobile networks.

Whether caused by a major disaster or a local power outage, disruption to normal business operations can mean missed opportunities, lost revenue and damaged reputations. With SonicWALL SSL VPN solutions, remote workers can remain as productive at home or other temporary locations as they would be sitting in the office.

Vulnerabilities also exist within the network. Employees may, intentionally or unintentionally, transmit unwanted content, intellectual property or confidential data, causing significant damage. SonicWALL SSL VPN solutions offer encryption and authentication, itemized access control, policy management, logging, and flexible authentication architecture. SonicWALL email auditing makes it easy to monitor outbound email, intelligently identify untrusted email, and provides robust auditing and remediation methods. SonicWALL Content Security prevents unauthorized, work-disrupting content from entering the network.