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Vírusvédelem - Bitdefender

Bitdefender’s antivirus engine is one of the best in the world. According to independent tests, it has: very low false positives, detects and disables almost all types of malware, and does not overload the device. However, this is just one of the features, the program offers – true to its name – a multi-level protection.

The active protection line consists of several elements. In addition to antivirus, a firewall, anti-ransomware and SPAM filtering strengthen Bitdefender’s arsenal. The program also monitors Wi-Fi connection and program vulnerabilities and alerts you if it detects a known flaw.

Tracking and reporting on the number of unsold copies in the case of publications for which a charge is made, and the number of unsuccessful copies in the case of publications for which a charge is made.

An efficient and easy-to-use module that opens all bank pages in a secure environment fully automatically, eliminating the risk of data theft.

You can get a pop-up notification of all important security events, but you can also view all alerts backwards in the main window. In the active entries, you can immediately access possible actions to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Bitdefender automatically detects what tasks are running on your computer and activates the appropriate profile.



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GravityZone Elite

ESET’s protection solutions are among the best in the industry as rated by independent testing organizations. For more than 30 years, ESET has been continuously improving its IT security applications, building on this experience to deliver solutions to organizations. Their enterprise security management solution provides real-time visibility from local and remote endpoints with full reporting management.

User protection

Low resource

Lowest false positive false alarms

Award-winning netbank and transaction protection

Test-winning malware protection

UEFI Scanner provides protection against infections that attack devices at a deeper level, starting before the operating system is loaded.

ESET’s behaviour-based detection looks for typical virus syntax, using a sophisticated algorithm based on malicious behaviour patterns and characteristics of the malware.

ESET’s Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIPS) monitors system activity and uses predefined rules to identify unusual system behaviour and stop processes.

Sandbox technology eliminates the unreadability and hiding of the virus source code, revealing the original purpose and mechanism of the infection.

The ESET Augurt engine combines the resources of neural networks (such as deep learning or extended short-term memory) and six carefully selected classification algorithms to categorise incoming virus samples into clean, unsolicited or infectious categories.



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ESET Endpoint Antivirus Workstation Protection

Basic and advanced blocking

Adaptive Defense’s basic blocking mode allows the execution of applications that have been classified as harmless. Advanced blocking mode allows only applications that are deemed harmless to run.

Vulnerable systems protection

Adaptive Defense provides protection for vulnerable systems, so that operating systems that are no longer supported by the vendor are also protected.

No impact on infrastructure

The service is managed entirely from a central web console, from which you can manage security for Windows endpoints and servers, as well as smartphones and remote office connections.

No more false alarms

Adaptive Defense monitors all activity triggered by an application on your company’s endpoints or servers. It can identify and classify the behavior of each application based on the verification process and the machine learning process of the Big Data platform in the cloud.

100% automated

Thanks to Panda Security’s latest technologies based on machine learning and the Big Data environment, Adaptive Defense automatically classifies applications without end-user intervention.



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